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Kādēļ es neizmantošu «Apturi Covid» lietotni | privātuma aspekts

Tie, kuri fano par "Facebook un citi sociālie tīkli tevi arī izseko" tālāk var nelasīt.

Citāts no Vikipedia:


Privacy, discrimination and marginalisation concerns

Privacy campaigners voiced their concern regarding the implications of mass surveillance using coronavirus apps, in particular about whether surveillance infrastructure created to deal with the coronavirus pandemic will be dismantled once the threat has passed.[61] American Civil Liberties Union has published a set of principles for technology-assisted contact tracing and [62] Amnesty International and over 100 other organizations issued a statement[63] calling for limits on this kind of surveillance.[64] The organisations declared eight conditions on governmental projects:[63]

  1. surveillance would have to be "lawful, necessary and proportionate";
  2. extensions of monitoring and surveillance would have to have sunset clauses;
  3. the use of data would have to be limited to COVID-19 purposes;
  4. data security and anonymity would have to be protected and shown to be protected based on evidence;
  5. digital surveillance would have to address the risk of exacerbating discrimination and marginalisation;
  6. any sharing of data with third parties would have to be defined in law;
  7. there would have to be safeguards against abuse and the rights of citizens to respond to abuses;
  8. "meaningful participation" by all "relevant stakeholders" would be required, including that of public health experts and marginalised groups.

The German Chaos Computer Club (CCC)[65] and Reporters Without Borders (Reporter ohne Grenzen) (RSF)[66] also issued checklists.

The proposed Google/Apple contact tracing plan intends to address the problem of persistent surveillance by removing the tracing mechanism from their device operating systems once it is no longer needed.[57]

On 20 April 2020, it was reported that over 300 academics had signed a statement favouring decentralised proximity tracing applications over centralised models, given the difficulty in precluding centralised options being used "to enable unwarranted discrimination and surveillance."[67][68] In a centralised model, a central database records the ID codes of meetings between users. In a decentralised model, this information is recorded on individual phones, with the role of the central database being limited to identifying phones by their ID code when an alert needs to be sent.

Human Rights Watch suggests that national mobile applications for COVID-19 contact tracing could potentially pose a serious threat to human rights.[69]

In May 2020, it was reported that the authorities in Moscow wrongly fined hundreds of Moscovites for breaching self-quarantine. The dubious behavioral interpretations recorded by the social monitoring tracking application led to the mistaken fining of hundreds of people in Moscow.[70],_discrimination_and_marginalisation_concerns




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Ušakovs, Saskaņa, Kremlis, Propaganda...

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"Nav neviena, kas mīlētu sāpes pašas par sevi, kas meklētu tās un kas vēlētos tās saņemt vienkārši tāpēc, ka tās ir sāpes..."

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